What to Expect


With today's techniques and the specialized equipment and skills we’ve acquired through years of training and experience,  your treatment should not be painful.  In fact, many patients feel that their root canal procedure was much like having a cavity filled.  Rest assured, we are committed to doing everything possible to make your visit as painless and pleasant as possible.

Most times your root canal treatment can be completed in one visit, but occasionally the complexity of a case may require one or more additional visits.  After your treatment is completed, it is essential that you return to your general dentist to restore your tooth with a new permanent filling or crown. 

 About our Fees

You will find that our fees are similar to those in the Columbus area and indicative of the quality of service we provide.  Our fees are based on the complexity of the internal structure of your tooth.  If you have dental insurance, you would need to contact your insurance company to determine what percentage of our fee they will pay.   Please verify the fee range when you call for an appointment— we never want the fee to be a surprise to you.

You will be responsible for payment at the time treatment is performed. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. For qualified patients we can also offer assistance in finding financing for your treatment.

For those patients with insurance, we are pleased to assist you by filing your insurance claim for you and collecting your estimated portion at time of treatment. Should there be any differences in the estimated insurance portion and the actual insurance check, you'll receive a bill for any balances or a check for any credits. Again, you should contact your insurance company before your appointment to verify how much of our fee your insurance company will cover. You are responsible for our full fee, regardless of any insurance company's arbitrary assignment of benefits.

If possible, please call before your appointment date to clarify any questions you may have about your financial obligations.